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AI-powered platform for legal teams to streamline operational workflows

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How It Works

Alchemy Machines' platform streamlines legal workflows, helping to prevent client churn and reducing employee attrition. We deliver this through a privacy-preserving SaaS platform using legally-bespoke AI.

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Alchemy Machines' platform enables you to maintain an audit trail of meetings, assess the performance of legal conversations, track employee engagement & client sentiment. Understand your employees & clients better to maintain competitive advantage.

You can view an AI-powered summary of the call & extract meeting durations ready to be integrated with your chosen time-recording software. Connect the platform with legal intelligence tools so you can align transcripts with other parts of your legal ecosystem.

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Why Us?

Alchemy Machines has created an industry-first, end-to-end Retention Intelligence platform.

Our mission is to help:

  • Reduce client churn
  • Reduce employee attrition
  • Store tacit knowledge & share predictive insights

After two years of extensive research & development by our exceptional team of machine learning engineers, software engineers & designers.

The Alchemy Machines' platform has been a collaborative effort between our world-class team, SFC Capital & Innovate UK. The company is backed by prolific angel investors from Google Deepmind & Wayve.

Alchemy Machines is a member of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).

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